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Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed,
nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted
                                                                   --8th Amendment, United States Constitution.

You have a constitutional right to make bail, guaranteed by the 8th Amendment.

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                                                             -- Ami Schoenfeld, Owner/Agent

Based in Saint Charles County Missouri, we are centrally located to most jails and Justice Centers in the area.

Our agents operate "24/7" to provide the fast service you need.
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We will post your bail in any city jail, county jail, justice center, 

or any other facility that accepts professional bonds, secured bonds, or surety bonds.

We even have options for
cash only and 10% bonds
(ten percent bonds.)
We are here to post your bail now. Call now.
We are a professional bonding company;
Bail Bonds are our business!
At Action Fast Bail Bonds by Hucker L.B.A, we provide ACTION FAST BAIL BONDS !
We are owned and operated by an experienced, professional bail bondsman.

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 We have over 15 years experience in the criminal justice system.

We can quickly assess your needs and provide the service you require.

We take pride in our commitment to providing you, our valued client,  

fast, discreet, reliable service, with an emphasis on customer service.
 Specializing in Missouri bail bonds:
Saint Louis County, Saint Charles City & County, Warren, Pike, Montgomery,

Franklin & Lincoln Counties, as well as, O'fallon, Missouri.
We are on the authorized list  to write bail bonds at the Saint Charles City Missouri Police Department.
and all other municipalities accepting surety bonds.

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   636-244-BOND  (2663)    314-740-4766

We write bonds at the Saint Charles County Jail, Saint Louis County Jail,

as well as any other county or city that accepts surety bonds  and/or secured bonds.                

We also provide process service and perform confidential private investigations.

We can provide any and all professional services as needed.

We guarantee our discreet, professional service. 

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Bailbonds are our business !.